Purpose Engine

The PurposeEngine is, or will be, a recommendation engine based on anonymous location data.

This is the very first iteration of the app and platform and does nothing but gather data at this stage : Latitude, longitude and a timestamp : no information about you as an individual is held nor recorded.

Subsequent versions will introduce recommendations which are based on the data gathered.

The data gathered will allow me to verify and demonstrate that the concept works

Download the iOS app here: PurposeEngine app

After install, please ensure that the app is permitted to use locations services “always” and not just “while using the app”. The app uses a reduced power ‘visit’ logger so should not cause excess power consumption.

When a visit is logged you will, initially, get a notification of that log item. You can disable notifications without affecting the operation. The notification just helps notify you/me that it’s working without having to open and refer to the app

Each user has an internal unique identifier but it is not linked to the identity of the user in any way and no identifying data (name, age, gender, etc.) is required nor gathered from the user.

For any more queries regarding this application, its data and it’s use, please contact us via the form below (needless to say, offers of funding are more than welcome 😉 )…