Database Services

We have over 20 years of database experience using MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and, more recently, graph engines such as Neo4J.

Our primary expertise is in MySQL where we have worked with businesses in many market sectors from financial service providers to entertainment and streaming video.

If you need a cost effective way to expand your DBA team on demand, then maybe we can help.

We offer a flexible on-demand database support and consultancy service where you pay for what you need and nothing more.  Transparency is important to us, and valuable to you. To ensure we keep things transparent, all tasks we carried out are recorded down to the minute and documented for you to see exactly what was done and how long it took. Our billing then operates on a pro-rata basis down to the minute.

Consider us your ‘in-house’ DBA who works remotely to keep your databases tuned, backed up and running smoothly.  On-call 24/7, we could be working with developers to build efficient SQL and design databases or planning and designing fault tolerant, high availability, clustered or replicated databases with your systems team.  Working remotely, you pay only for the time we spend actively working on your projects, and it’s recorded down to the minute.