Online and Social Media Marketing

While our ever more connected world provides you with the potential for millions of customers, how do we ensure those potential customers know about you and your products or services?

With the sites we develop and manage, we also offer online marketing services.  That may be as little as a discussion about strategy and ensuring the client knows what they need to do to progress their online presence,  or it may be more involved providing training to staff, ensuring the website and it’s content is optimised for search engine indexing and examining keywords and other aspects that can all help to push your company to the top of the list when potential customers start searching.

On top of search ranking, a strong social media presence is imperative in developing your company’s identity and credibility.  More and more frequently customers are making initial contact or seeking more information via social media and while it can provide a crucial and direct link to your customers, it is also the first insight into your customer service that new prospects may come across.  For that alone it’s key that your social media presence is managed correctly.

Whether we do this for you, or consult and advise to ensure you are on the right track, we can help you.