Hosting and Domain Services

We host most of our clients on instances on our cloud platform, and offer both Linux and Windows operating systems.  For other clients, we provide a managed service through 3rd party hosting providers meaning you don’t need to have multiple points of contact for website management, hosting, email, domains and databases.  We can do it all, and by using either our cloud instances or 3rd party hosting providers, we can ensure that the hosting service provided is exactly what you need rather than what any single provider happens to offer.

You can register your domains with us, and either manage the domains yourself, or let us handle all off that as well.

All hosting accounts are provided with unlimited email accounts, whether they are mailboxes, forwarding or domain aliases.

Our email platform provides adjustable spam filtering, allowing you complete control over the granularity of the filtering which ensures you only receive the mails you want to  get, and should reduce time spent scanning your spam folder for emails that may have gone awry.