OpenSource CMS

Opensource CMS deployment, hosting and customisation.

We have extensive experience with various open source CMS platforms including WordPress, Joomla, E107, Drupal and others.  The flexibility of these systems allows rapid development to meet your needs. While we can certainly do basic setup and hosting, we will also provide training to your staff to ensure they are able to update and tailor the content of your site to provide your customers with the information, products or services they seek.

On occasion, you may need some functionality that doesn’t already exist and this is where we do more than just install and set up.  We can customise and modify the CMS platform to meet specific requirements.

Some of the standard functions that we provide within these platforms include

  • Payment processing integration  : e.g. with Stripe or PayPal to allow you to take payments via your website without requiring a merchant account or worrying about PCI security compliance.
  • e-commerce platforms : Sell your products or services to as wide or niche a market as you like.
  • Mobile and responsive layouts : In 2016 mobile devices overtook desktop and laptop computers as the way by which users visited websites.  It’s now more crucial than ever for any business to ensure their site will work effectively on mobile devices.
  • Mapping integration : While your website is important, if you need customers eating in  your restaurant or taking advantage of services that can only be done in person, then it’s imperative that they can find you easily.  Integrating mapping technology within your site makes that task easier.
  • Booking systems : Whether you’re running a guesthouse, hotel or restaurant, providing coaching to sporting enthusiasts or offering professional training, being able to take bookings directly from your website will not only make that conversion easier, but also provide you with a single platform from which you can access and control all aspects of your booking requirements.


Our Open Source CMS support starts at £45 per hour and is offered on a flexible, on-demand basis to meet your needs.